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Let In Fresh Air Keep Intruders Out
The easiest way to keep intruders out of the home is to close and lock all the entry doors. A deadbolt provides extra security for peace of mind. 3m protective window film is great for evenings but can make people feel like prisoners in their own homes during the day. Screen doors for entrances and patios let in natural light, fresh air, and create a cross breeze for ventilation and comfort. There is a way to combine fresh air and security.

Security Screens

Experienced manufacturers of home security products, such as security film for windows, also create strong and safe screen doors. Frames are heavy-duty with strong locks. The screens are tightly woven steel mesh that cannot be cut by intruders. Those in the home can enjoy cool breezes and unobstructed views of the outside and still be safe. Mosquitoes and other flying pests cannot get into the home through these screens either.

Deterring Thieves

Another way to keep the house safe without compromising family views and activities is to have window films installed. Thieves often target homes based on the valuables that can be seen from the outside. They will casually stroll down the street and determine which homes are worth the risk of getting caught. Tinted window films mean intruders cannot get a clear look of the interior. The risk is increased so they move on to another target.

If thieves do attempt to smash the window in an effort to grab anything available, they will fail to gain entry quickly. One company, Armorcoat, includes a polyester layer in their window films. This prevents glass from shattering on impact and holds pieces in place. This feature also increases safety during storms with heavy winds because most flying debris will not go completely through the window to cause injury.

Which Areas Require Extra Security?

The crime rate is such today that every homeowner needs some level of security because no where is immune. 3m safety film , such as New York and las vegas, are associated with high crime but small towns and country homes are becoming popular targets as well. Urban sprawl, population increases, and rising food prices are factors that contribute to higher crime rates everywhere.

Keep safety window film when they are at home with security screens and window films. Explore all the possibilities and discover how cost-effective the installation process is over systems that rely on expensive cameras and monitoring services. Free estimates are offered after professionals assess the layout of the home and listen to the needs and desires of the family.

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