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Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver is an extremely popular medal utilized for jewelry in the fashion world. When well preserved, sterling silver is hardly appreciable from white gold and it just costs a portion of the rate.
What is Sterling Silver?

925 silver is a gorgeous and valuable metal, but it is also exceptionally soft and can be damaged easily. Pure silver is known as fine silver and is soft and flexible. The mixing of the metals consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of the more long lasting metal.
Caring for your Silver

Sterling silver precious jewelry requires easy care. Lots of fashion jewelry cases are also made with a protective interior felt on the inside to keep the silver safe from tarnishing. Numerous things may be too abrasive for sterling silver and will cause scratches so it is crucial to use a proper cleaner.
Sterling Silver Patina

Sterling silver that is used for an extended period of time will start to establish a patina, a beautiful glow combined with the dark areas. Some like the look, others do not. If you prefer an intense and glossy look, simply polish your silver when it begins to establish a patina.

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