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Minecraft: How To Make Concrete
Concrete is one of the best blocks ever introduced in Minecraft. There was a massive gap for a simple, plain block in the game that would have a clean color, so when the concrete block was first released, builders were very excited to get their hands on it. However, it's one of those blocks that isn't found in the overworld naturally, which is why many beginners don't know about it.RELATED: How To Make Paper & 9 Other Useful Recipes In MinecraftConcrete must be crafted by the player, and while it's a surprisingly expensive and tedious process, it's also immensely rewarding when making interesting and futuristic builds in particular. With enough basic materials and dye, as well as with the help of a concrete machine, the task is made significantly simpler. Here's how to get started.Updated November 12, 2021 by Gabrielle Huston: To make it even easier for you to realize your concrete dreams, this guide has been updated with extra tips and details about making Concrete in Minecraft!
Concrete Stats
- White
- Orange
- Magenta
- Light Blue
- Yellow
- Lime
- Pink
- Grey
- Light Grey
- Cyan
- Purple
- Blue
- Brown
- Green
- Red
- Black
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Step 1: Crafting Concrete Powder
Concrete blocks start out as Concrete Powder in Minecraft, just like real life! Welcome to my blog MY CMS
There are only three ingredients for Concrete Powder: 4 Sand, 4 Gravel, and any 1 colour of dye.
- Edges of rivers, lakes, and ponds
- In deserts
- Beaches and ocean floors
- Gravelly mountains biomes
- On beaches and near rivers and ponds
- In deep underground caves
- The Nether
- Ocean ruins
- Dandelion (yellow dye)
- Poppy (red dye)
- Allium (magenta dye)
- Azure Bluet (light grey dye)
- Tulip (red, pink, light grey, and orange dyes)
- Oxeye Daisy (light grey dye)
- Cornflower (blue dye)
Combine The Ingredients On A Crafting Table
Once you've gathered the ingredients, actually making the Concrete Powder couldn't be easier. Just combine them on a Crafting Table! It doesn't matter in what shape/order you put them into the table, as long as you have the correct proportions of 4/4/1.
Step 2: Turning Concrete Powder Into Concrete
Once you have your Concrete Powder ready, you need to solidify it. Otherwise, its texture will remain grainy and it will behave like sand when placed down or mined.
In order for the Concrete Powder to harden, it needs to come in contact with water.
- Water Source Block
- Flowing Water Block
- Waterlogged Block
- Filled Cauldrons
- Rain
- Water Bottles
The simplest way to do this is to just find a significant source of water like a river or lake and start placing down your Concrete Powder! It'll turn into Concrete just about instantly, so you can mine it back with a pickaxe.
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Using Redstone To Speed Up The Process
There are also some extremely useful Redstone constructions players have designed to make the whole process much faster. If building things like automatic farms isn't a problem for you, a concrete maker shouldn't be much harder.
One design utilizes the observer block, which can be a bit expensive to craft. If you have the resources, however, it's highly recommended to follow this tutorial by Shulkercraft, who builds a very simple yet highly efficient concrete maker. MY CMS

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