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The Global Takeover Of 'Minecraft Earth Beta' Starts This Month

It's been a couple of months since we first heard about Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality version of Mojang's game that gives the real world a playscape filled with your own blocky creations. The company said that a beta version of the game would be out this summer. The game is now available, and with a new trailer of the game, the company says it will be available on iOS within the next two weeks. Android will follow "soon thereafter."

The iOS-first launch isn't surprising since we first got a glimpse of live gameplay during WWDC last month. While the new trailer offers lots of details on how you'll play the game those interested may be interested in revisiting the Apple demo to get a experience of what it will be like to play in an online Minecraft world with their friends that overlays the real world.

To be among the first players to have access, you'll have to sign up for the free game right here (you'll need a device with at least iOS 10 or Android 7 to play, as per the FAQ). Access to the game is limited as they build the load on the game's servers However, you'll have to be active in order to remain in the game. If you don't play for a period of seven days, then someone else will get your slot. You'll require an account with Microsoft or Xbox Live account to register and once you've signed up , there's nothing to do other than wait, and get ready to build.

Are you thinking that your life is great? It's about to get even BETA! A few locations will be receiving the Minecraft Earth closed beta. Register now to be the first to play Minecraft Earth!

- https://t.co/Loqfw0tt0w - pic.twitter.com/wAz2QG5zMa

- Minecraft Earth (@minecraftearth) July 11, 2019
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