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D00M For Making This A Thing
Credits to Enderman_of_D00M for making this a thing.
For detailed information about this series, visit the Mods of Enderman_of_D00M Wiki.
1 Summary
2 Power of The Verse
3 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 3.1 Supporters
3.2 Opponents
3.3 Neutral
4.1 Main
4.2 Titans
4.3 Minions
4.4 Others
5.1 Wither Turrets
The Titan Mod is a mod made for Minecraft by Enderman_of_D00M. It features the strongest bosses that Minecraft had ever seen. Titans can kill you even in Creative Mode, where you are supposed to be invulnerable. They can also steal your soul. Titans are divided into 4 categories: Lesser, Average, Greater and God.
Power of The Verse
This verse is very powerful. The lesser titans are at City level to Island level, being able to pulverize thousands of blocks of obsidian in a single attack. The average titans are at Island level to Small Country level, because they are much stronger than lesser titans and are able to cause explosions that can make a crater tens or hundreds of blocks wide and deep in obsidian. The greater titans are at Country level to Continent level, being much stronger than average titans and are able to pulverize Minecraft village-sized regions of obsidian that are tens of blocks deep. Finally, The titan launcher , a God Titan, is at least Multiverse level, because it is able to ban players from their own world, which means defeating the Multiverse level real-life player. Witherzilla is also said to create the concept of balance (which, in its mind, means destroying everything), bring life to anything it dreams of, deleting a Universe level character using just its thought, and a bunch of other feats. Notch and the Executor Dragon had been mentioned as other Witherzilla-level characters, but they don't appear in-game yet.

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