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TikTok Made A Discord, Sochaos?

TikTok has launched a Discord server, where TikTok-enthusiasts can chat about all things...TikTok.

Discord is the most popular gaming chat app. It was launched in 2015 and has been a favorite among gamers. Discord supports voice chat rooms and text-based threads. discord server Since then, Discord has evolved, bringing more like-minded communities together. During the pandemic, in particular, the platform became a more commonplace form of communication, even forging itself as a key player in the creator economy. It's no wonder TikTok wants in.

TikTok teased Discord about its imminent presence, tweeting, "The all new TikTok server coming soon".

It's just apps on apps on apps.

TikTok's Discord community currently has 1,264 members. This is a modest number by Discord standards, but it is likely to grow.

TikTok's Discord page states that "This server's exactly like your For You feed: It's made just for you, some comments are spicy and your parents don't know what it is." discord server It currently has five moderators who are TikTok employees. They also have a set rules that prohibit NSFW content and do not allow purchasing crypto.

TikTok Discord has chats for introductions and sharing individual TikToks. You can also request TikTok support. There is even a "game room", which is in line with TikTok’s growing interest in gaming. Recently, the app was reportedly testing TikTokLive Studio, a desktop streaming program that could allow creators to stream live gaming footage. Watch out Twitch.

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