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WoW Private Server List
Odd question here, but are there any servers out there geared towards a solo experience? I really enjoy the lore of Warcraft, and like putzing around in the game, but I just don't have the time or patience to deal with the official way the game runs by having to farm up a certain gear level to even get on a team to do a raid just to hope I raise my gear level a little more to do the next one.
I'd love some kind of server with slightly nerfed enemies so I can just enjoy some of the more fun story-based quests (shocking, I know) and maybe take on those big, crazy boss raids like Deathwing on my own. All about wow private servers Wouldn't hurt if they unlocked all the transmog stuff from the get-go so I could play pretty princess dress-me-up while I do so, haha. I know it's not likely that such a thing exists, but I figured I'd ask. As someone who loved the original Warcraft games but honestly hates how the progression works in WOW, I'd love a chance to experience more of the lore and quirky humor of the setting without feeling like I'm sinking way too much time in for way too little return. All about wow private servers

Sorry, no listings were found.