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How Is SharePoint & Exchange Server Useful To A Travel Agent?
In this internet savvy age everything is just at the tip of your finger. Be it shopping, booking tickets for travel, movie, ordering food, talking to closed ones, everything is just a click away. Consequently, the sense of competition among business organizations is very high as everyone is striving to offer the best and at the earliest to its customers. Same is the case with travel agencies.
Promotions, offers, campaigns-these are the key areas for any travel agencies that would help them in cost-saving, better sales and better customer service. If Minecraft are taken care of swiftly then half of the job is done for travel agencies. However, keeping the web portals updated on a regular basis that too efficiently and quickly is a tedious task, as for publishing novel content or updating on hand content, users have to go through over 15 steps, such as staging, development, and production. Moreover, content creators have to depend on the IT department for page uploads and other related task. It is here where hosted SharePoint 2010 plays a vital role. Using free SharePoint hosting, travel agencies can have integrated content management and enterprise search capabilities. SharePoint helps merge our intranet and Internet sites on the similar solution, saving ongoing IT management costs.
Using SharePoint Portal, now travel agents can easily publish new content, launch new promotions, campaigns, and offers in a day’s time with all the proper approval from the top management. It is easy for a group of users to work and discuss and get things done without too much of back and forth, that too on a single platform. This in turn helps drive profits. Employees of the agencies can access SharePoint site even if they are dispersed across the globe. They can collaborate and communicate more efficiently and churn out better productive results.
By communicating the key information to the customers, travel agencies can build faith in the worth of the information it offers customers online. It’s a vital area in the commitment to good service. Agencies can also enhance the portal with superior user experience by installing Enterprise Search feature of SharePoint, which allows improved search experience for the site visitors. Similar to Microsoft’s SharePoint solution, exchange hosted services are yet another great tool that can increase the communication efficiency of any travel agency. Exchange email hosting allows for quick email messaging and employees of the agency can use Microsoft office outlook to send emails, and share contacts, calendar, etc. With Exchange Server 2007, travel agencies can make email communication between their employees even easier. If they will synchronize their phones with hosted Microsoft Exchange server, the employees would be able to check their mails, any important documents, to-do lists, and other information quickly on their phone.
Thus, using these Microsoft solutions, travel agencies can enhance communication, improve productivity, save time and moreover save their money.
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