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Fan-made Lego Elden Ring Build Recreates The Lands Between

This Lego Elden Ring is one of the most loved tributes that videogame fans make. Recently, we've seen takes on Lego Terraria and a stop-motion Lego Minecraft short, to just name a few - and now someone has recreated The Lands Between with a pile of beloved plastic bricks.

Reddit user binks_sake_enjoyer has built their own miniature version of the Elden Ring map, starting from the crimson-stained lands of Caelid down in the south curving all the way through the forests and plains of Limgrave and into the wetland of Liurnia of the Lakes, and on to the Altus Plateau and the Mountaintops of the Giants.

The only notable missing spot is Farum Azula, though one user in the comments section of the Reddit thread jokes that the top-down photograph of the building could be taken from the point of view of someone who was there. Others suggest that a massive Lego tree could be used to replace the Erdtree.

I made the Elden ring map from legos (no farum azula though) from the Eldenring

Despite being tiny, the build is very precise. I'm here There's careful attention to the topography, and clever brick colours to emphasize the main features and paths that run through the game's terrain. I'm here It's a compact but elegant design that makes the most of the space available. This is a stunning work!

If you are still exploring the Elden Ring map, you might be interested in the Detailed Item Descriptions mod, that explains the effects of each item clearly. Then there's the seamless Elden Ring Co-op mod, which lets your friends join you at any time in the open-world game. Of course we've got you covered for the best Elden Ring builds, too by clicking this link.

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