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How To Install .jar Mods!

Your explanation of how to install Java mods is wrong. The reason is that, if you place the java file into the mod folder, it will operate as a basic mode unless another mod is installed in a different part of the ".minecraft." folder. This is exactly what I mean.

1. Copy/cut the jar file, but don't yet paste it. 2. Navigate to the versions folder and create a new folder, however you want to name it 3. Copy the jar file into the folder you created 4. Copy the jar file to the folder once more and this time with a brand new name. Open the jar file in notepad. Copy the entire text, and then close the file. Copy the file and delete it. Create another file (most likely an txt file) and name it exactly as the jar file is named 8. Save the file with the same name as the jar files , as a.json. Open the json file using notpad and copy the next copy you copied 10. Start the launcher , and then select the mod you would like to "made."

10,5. If this doesn't work, follow these steps 11. Open the folder for versions. Select the folder you don't require. If the mod uses 1.7.10 you'll need locate a folder that runs 1.7.10 minecraft version 12. Paste the jar file into the folder you've selected and change the name exactly as the json file's name is 13. MINECRAFT BLOG Start the launcher, and then select the version

If you are unable to locate the folder, go back to the folder for versions then look after the last edited folder and rename it to whatever you like. I suggest renaming the files inside that folder exactly what the folder's name is.

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